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Maturity Assessment Model

The Robotics4EU project aims the design of a model for the assessment of robotics maturity. We expect the model to facilitate estimating to what extent a robot is ready to be accepted by society at large. This video introduces the basic principles of the model.

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Public Reports
First Responsible Robotics Expert Group Meeting

The Robotics4EU project has convened a 10-member Expert Group consisting of representatives from previously funded EU projects, the robotics industry, citizens, and policy/decision-makers in robotics. This group will have at least two formal meetings during the duration of the project. One digital meeting by Month 12 (December 2021) and one physical meeting by Month 28 (April 2023). This document reports on the first of these meetings.

Factsheet #1 | Societal Readiness Plan

This factsheet is based on research conducted for the Robotics EU reports “Societal Readiness Plan of Robotics4EU project” (D1.1).

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Public Reports
Societal Readiness Plan

Societal Readiness Plan includes:
• Strategy and guidelines for the consortium on how to implement the principles of responsible research and innovation.
• Strategy for assessing the societal readiness throughout the project activities.

Public Reports
Robotics community, citizens and policy makers needs analyses

The report summarises the needs analyses of the robotics community and users. It includes the results of the desktop analyses, robotics community and policy consultation.

Public Reports
Methodology of the community building and knowledge transfer events

This report proposes a methodology (guide) to the consortium partners on how to organise in each priority area of the Robotics4EU project 4 online workshops and 1 physical workshop as well as the final event. The methodology ensures that similar approach is used for all workshops.

Public Reports
Responsible robotics maturity assessment model (initial)

LNE proposes a maturity assessment model to evaluate the maturity of non-technological aspects of robotics in the focus areas of the project: health, agri-food, agile production, inspection and maintenance of infrastructure. Deliverable 1.3 presents the initial version of the model.

Public Reports
GlobalSay on Robotics: Citizen Consultations on Wishes and Concerns

This document presents the results from a global citizen consultation on robotics, “GlobalSay on Robotics”, which took place in October and November 2021 across 12 different countries. The consultation focused on getting insights into what citizens think about the non-technological issues regarding robotics, the potential benefits and risks, and which barriers there might be to the wide adoption of robotics in society.

There are no reports available yet, but stay tuned!

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Workshop | Healthcare Tech in Pandemic Times

Would you feel comfortable with a robot performing a COVID swab-test on you? The pandemics brought along new understandings of healthcare settings organization and inter-personal distancing: that has translated into new spaces and broader roles for robotic technologies.

In this workshop, Scandinavian and international experts who work at the interface between top-level robotics research and industry presented concrete healthcare robotic solutions they contributed to develop and introduce under COVID.

Watch this recording

Workshop | Non-technological Challenges in Robotics

It is an international workshop for everyone from robotics innovators, developers or policy makers to end users and society as a whole.

The workshop aimed to increase the awareness of stakeholders about non-technological challenges in robotics, such as potential ethical, legal, data security, privacy or socioeconomic issues. During the workshops, recognized experts shared their knowledge with the participants.

In addition, competencies and experience will be shared in working groups during the search for solutions to existing and potential non-technological challenges in the development and application of robotics.

Watch this recording

Infographic #1 | Needs Analysis of the Robotics Community

This infographic is based on research conducted for the Robotics4EU report “Robotics community, citizens and policy makers needs analyses” (D1.2).

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