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If you are interested in non-technological and ethical aspects of robotics, Robospot is the place to be. Here, you’ll find a community of projects, organisations and individuals that are working towards making robotics more responsible.
Whether you are already in the industry, or you are just a curious citizen, in Robospot you will be able to build your own network, talk with experts, discover new robotics events and check eye-opening resources on the subject.
Create an account and you’ll be able to list your project or company as a member of the community, so you can share your own materials and create forum discussions on the platform!
Join Robospot mission: promote a widespread and responsible adoption of robotics in our society.

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    Now that you are logged in, you can navigate through our platform areas and add your contributions to enrich our robotics community.

    On our Resources page you can upload your scientific papers, videos, infographics and other relevant documents. You can also browse through the Robotics4EU project available content.

  • Discover and share interesting resources

    How about discussing the latest robotics developments?

    Join our Community message boards and engage in a conversation with other members, talk with experts or start your own topic of discussion.

  • Start and join discussions and forums

    The Responsible Robotics Knowledge Hub is also a great medium to promote your events.

    Upload your Event information on this page and, after its approval, it will be displayed to the community. You can also check and register for the Robotics4EU events – including our regular free workshop series.

  • Be part of a responsible robotics community

    There’s always more to learn about robotics and AI robots.

    Our Robotic References area gives you additional sources of curated and valuable information to dig into.

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